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Outdoor Living Grows More Sophisticated

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Make your home's interior and exterior a complete package

It used to be the patio and barbeque were standard fare for backyard areas. But as an increasing number of Australians spend more time at home, they're enhancing their outdoor areas, transforming them into elaborate cooking and clean-up areas.

Sinks, refrigerators, and even dishwashers, are becoming quick companions of the barbeque. And it's not just the barbeque that's taking centre stage—entertainment and relaxation features are, too.

These outdoor living areas are popping up in increasing numbers as homeowners continue to pour money into home improvement projects, resulting in outdoor areas that are more sophisticated and a more popular area of the house.

In response, manufacturers are answering the call with stylish, full-featured patios, and barbecue accessories.

The result? The backyard patio has blossomed from an area graced with barbecue and patio furniture to a fully furnished, thoughtfully constructed living space. Some outdoor rooms include a built-in eating and cooking area, complete with grill, refrigerator, sink, and dishwasher, as well as furniture that hugs a central gas heater. Decorative lighting, candles, patio heaters, and plush furniture are frequently used as accents.

In cooler climates additions such as fireplaces and cooking and dining amenities, small heated pools are popular. In fact, the number of smaller-sized pools is on the rise, according to representatives of the Spa and Pool industry.

The outdoor room isn't limited to the warm summer months—many are spending time in this cozy area, barbequing and snuggling around the fire, well into the winter and cooler months of the year.

With everything happening on the national and international news, people are opting to holiday in their own back yards. Designers say you should strive to make the outdoor living space an extension of your home. The interior and exterior of your home should be a complete package.

The beauty of today's outdoor room is flexibility that accommodates budget, space availability, and family lifestyle. There is a wide range of luxurious products, no matter the customer or the size of the wallet?"

Remember, it all starts with a patio.

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